Definition Of Health

Health is an emotional state of mind and physical, emotional and social well being in which illness and infirmity may be absent. The word “health” covers all the aspects of human life including physical, psychological, social and spiritual aspects and has a bearing on a person’s life style and personality. It is considered as an indispensable requirement to a person because it makes him or her feel good and helps in the development of his or her personality.

Health can be described as a positive feeling. The state of health can be equated to the state of happiness that a person feels. The feeling of health is characterized by the presence of calmness, peace, happiness and contentment. People with a high level of health are not bothered about their appearance or the material comforts they have in their lives. In fact, they take everything as it is and do not even care about how much they earn or have in their lives.

Another important aspect of health is the mental state. This state is a state of mental equilibrium and peace and is usually experienced during the night or early morning. A person having a good mental state has the ability to cope with various problems and circumstances effectively. A person with good mental state experiences various positive changes in his or her life and has positive relationships with others.

Physical state of health is defined as the ability to perform your regular tasks comfortably and at a normal pace. A person with good physical condition is healthy and strong physically. Physically strong people do not become obese, suffer from various diseases or have weak immune systems. Physically strong people enjoy their life to the fullest without any tensions and stress. They lead a happy life free from any physical ailments.

Mental state of health is the condition in which you do not get troubled by any mental disorders or mental difficulties. A person with good mental state is not bothered about the success or failure of the work he is doing or about the performance of his friends or family. He enjoys the same level of happiness as a person having a bad mental condition. In a person with good mental state, he has complete concentration on himself and does not pay much attention to external surroundings. There are no stress, worry, tension and anxiety.

Mental state of health is also defined as the state of mind and mental stability which allow the person to concentrate, perform and manage the daily activities in an effective manner. In this state a person experiences a sense of calmness, tranquility, peace and serenity which helps him to concentrate on the task at hand. without being disturbed by external factors. Thus, a person with a healthy mind and body experiences a happy and peaceful life.