Improving Your Health

Health is a state of overall, mental, physical and social well-being where sickness and infirmity are totally absent. The word “health” comes from the Latin root meaning “to live”. Health means an individual’s ability to live a life of comfort and contentment. It is an indivisible condition or trait that should be acquired, maintained and improved in order to make a person healthy.


One’s health can deteriorate due to many reasons, for example, smoking, drinking alcohol, eating a poor diet, being overweight, and exercising too much. To improve one’s health, one needs to take care of various aspects such as maintaining a healthy lifestyle and taking proper care of oneself. It is necessary to take preventive measures in order to avoid illness and injury. In other words, one should do everything possible to improve his or her health and keep it at a high level.

One’s health depends on the total physical and mental state that one’s body is in at any given moment. It affects not only one’s physical and mental health but also his or her social and emotional well-being. People who are not healthy to have a difficult time coping with the demands of everyday life.

A person’s health condition is determined by his or her physical, mental and physical and mental health status. The four main factors that determine a person’s health status include: blood pressure, blood sugar levels, heart rate, respiratory rate and skin color. A person’s health status is determined by the sum total of all these four variables.

Today there are lots of health conditions that can affect a person’s health. Some of the most common health conditions are: cancer, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, lung disease, high cholesterol levels, kidney disease, thyroid disorders, asthma and kidney failure. There are many more health conditions that can affect a person’s health.

All these health conditions can be fatal if not taken care of. If a person is not sure of the health status of his or her body, then he or she should consult a doctor immediately. The reason for consulting a doctor would be to avoid suffering from unnecessary complications caused by the health condition that a person is suffering from.

A person must always be aware of his or her health issues because of this knowledge he or she may know how to deal with those issues in a better way. Also, people who know their own health status are able to prevent themselves from any health problems related to their health conditions. They will be better able to take proper care of their health.

Sometimes people’s health can be improved simply by doing simple activities like eating right, exercise regularly, having good and healthy relationships, and sleeping well. These are the basic things that are needed to maintain the good health of a person.

One should not only think of improving one’s health but should also make sure that his or her health is in perfect order. One should avoid things that can make one’s health condition worse, for example, smoking, drinking, eating bad foods and taking unhealthy foods, exercising too much and being overweight. One should always try to eat healthy food and exercise regularly so that the health problems can be avoided. Taking proper care of the health can improve one’s life in many ways.