Four Main Articles on Well-Being and Health

Health is a condition of mental, physical and emotional well being in which infirmity and illness are absent. It is the state when all the three characteristics of health are present. A person can have good health or unhealthy health depending on how he manages his life. His lifestyle and the way he takes care of himself reflects on his health.


Most health determinants are behavioral. They include the elements of the individual’s personality, such as self-esteem and beliefs in the capacity of his body to perform. The five determinants of health that can be observed in the present society include the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of an individual. In fact, there are some specific determinants that cannot be observed in the present society although they are determinants of health in other cultures and time periods. One of these specific determinants of health that was prevalent in the ancient world is physical attractiveness.

People become physically attractive to others when they have favorable traits such as good physical appearance, good health, strong social status, and positive attitudes and values. A person with such attributes enjoys greater social approval and greater prosperity in life. Attractiveness is also a determinant of mental health. In fact, it is one of the most powerful determinants of longevity. A person who is physically attractive to others becomes more involved in public life. This is because other people find him attractive and they seek his attention.

The other main determinant of both physical and mental health and well-being is well-being. This is an area of self-improvement that involves taking stock of your strengths and weaknesses, accepting your disability, finding ways to cope with stress, getting help for your illness, developing relationships, building and managing your resources, forgiving others, getting rid of fear, knowing when to quit, and enjoying peace. People who are well-balanced and balanced in all areas of life are happier, healthier, and live longer than those who are not.

There are several primary articles that address these issues and more in great detail. They include: The Effects of Stress on Well-Being and Health, How to Manage Work and Social Interaction Stress, Illness and Stress, Health Problems Related to Sleep Deprivation, Managing Stress, Managing Type II Diabetes, Managing Anxiety, Managing Depression, and Managing Anger. Each primary article also includes at least one resource box that contains a link to another informative page or article. These primary articles address a wide range of health problems and well-being issues, some of which are discussed below.

These health problems and well being issues are complex and varied, and depend upon many factors. They include the role of physical attractiveness, ethnicity, gender, occupational safety and health, social support systems, and sleep deprivation. In this primary article on occupational safety and health, we discuss the effect of stress on physical illness and injury. This is one of the most common forms of stress in today’s society and the article discusses four occupational safety issues that affect millions of people.