TOTO – World’s First High-Tech Seat

TOTO (Tokyo Toy Show) is a corporation that produces bathroom accessories. It is established in 1917 and is most famous for creating the Washlets and other derivative goods. The company is present in nine countries worldwide and has manufacturing facilities in fifteen.

Toilet paper is a household necessity that is often taken for granted. Few people bother to buy a roll from the local shop, and when it gets worn out, to have it replaced with a new one. This is what a toilet tote does. It can be folded and kept away easily, so that it can be used again without inconvenience. Many manufacturers of toto toilet accessories offer replacement flushing toilets as part of a package, or the cost of a separate purchase.

A Toto toilet paper holder holds ten rolls at a time and has a simple design that does not interfere with the ease of the operation of the sprayer or the ease of its nozzle. In addition to the toilet paper holder, a Toto toilet bowl is also available. Like the holder, it has an easy-folding mechanism and a disposable bed of plastic is included. The bed may be used to cleanse your hands before touching water supply.

Toto manufactures bidets that are suitable for both sexes. Its bidet for men has a nozzle that dispenses a spray that is good for rinsing the genital area and the anal cavity. The bidet for women, on the other hand, dispenses a much milder solution that is good for washing the outer parts of the vagina and the anus. These bidets have small circular buttons that activate the self-cleaning mechanism. Both bidets have a long cord to enable an extended usage time.

The Toto Procter wash cycle is especially designed for healthy maintenance of the prostate gland. The water pressure jet spray wand stimulates the flow of urine into the urethra to wash away any remaining deposits. With a Toto Procter wash cycle, it cleanses both the bladder and urethra at the same time. It is particularly ideal for cleaning out the prostates.

The Toto High-Tech Seat Bidet is another item that is sure to amaze the user. It is very sleek, comes with a very high-tech seat, and a powerful electronic bidet nozzle. The bidet is very easy to use even for beginners, who can simply wipe it in a circular motion to activate the mechanism. This electronic bidet is sure to serve as a great addition to your toiletry items.