Determinants of a Healthy Life

Health is a condition of physical, emotional and social well being in which infirmity and disease are absent. It is an inclusive term that includes body, mind and spirit and is usually associated with the concepts of being wholesome and balanced. It is the state of being healthy that surpasses all our understanding. We all want to attain health and live a full life; however, achieving it may not be as easy as we think.

People do not usually discuss health issues because they are afraid to talk about them and they feel embarrassed to seek help from professionals for their conditions. This is because there are various kinds of health issues that need different treatment and at different stages of the human body. The need for health care is therefore very high and people should be aware of it. They should not let health issues pass and instead take immediate measures to solve them as soon as they are identified.

Mental health is also an important issue to be taken into consideration. Mental wellness refers to an individual’s capacity to live a productive and successful life. Mental illnesses are as varied as physical illnesses and require different approaches to cure. There are some people who have acquired mental illness at a young age, while others suffer from it as they get older. It is important to identify the symptoms as early as possible and to consult professionals when it comes to self-diagnosis. This will help you know what to expect from your doctor as well as the kind of medication that are suitable for your condition.

People have a tendency to focus on their physical health when it comes to self-diagnosis. They believe that a good health status means clean and clear skin, stable bones, strong muscles and a clear mind. These are the common misconceptions about general well being. While these may be true to a certain extent, one’s overall health status encompasses a wide range of aspects that include the following: good health: physical attributes, mental health and the quality of life; emotional health: how you feel and how your emotions affect your well-being; and social or community health: the quality of the relationships you have and how they affect your well-being.

The determinants of a good health status are not only physical aspects. Good health also has to do with the right kind of diet, the right kinds of activities and the right kinds of lifestyle choices. Your current lifestyle choices can either benefit or hinder your health. It can either set you up for an early demise or it can fortify you and help you go the rest of your life. In fact, there is a huge difference between having a good health status and having a good health, and this is what the discipline of health science tries to achieve through constant research and analysis.

For individuals who are in search for a comprehensive guide for daily life, health promotion is a resource for everyday life. Health promotion aims to satisfy basic needs. In order to have any hope of improving your health status, you should try to find a way to determine the determinants of your health and treat those as a whole. This way, you will be able to know your real condition, whether you are healthy or not and if you need to improve it.