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TOTO (Tokyo Overdue) is the leading brand of toilet seat cleaning systems worldwide. It was established in 1917 and today is popular for creating the Washlet and related products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, which has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. Its products are used in public restrooms throughout the world.

One can easily confuse the TOTO brand with other companies selling similar products, but there is a great difference between these two giants. TOTO claims that its products help maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the bathroom by removing soap scum and preventing soiling of the seats. Other companies sell similar products claiming to be able to guarantee their customers that their wallets will cleanse the urine from the seat. Toteys that are produced by other companies call this claim “mildew proofing”.

TOTO toilet seat cleaning systems do not make use of chemicals to kill germs or prevent them from returning. In order to ensure that your bathroom remains germ free and hygienic, a special mixture of enzymes and powerful enzymes called Xylitol is added to the TOTO washlets. This combination creates a sticky deposit on the surface of the toilet seat, which prevents germs from the stool from reaching the seat. These deposits can be wiped away with a wet cloth. Another important element that Xylitol adds to the TOTO toilets is an anti-bacterial agent which allows the user to have a “clothe-free” bathroom.

TOTO offers a full range of cleaning products to suit different needs. Cleaning agents such as the TOTO Magic Eraser are ideal for removing food stains. For toilets in which babies and small children spend a lot of time standing in the toilet, TOTO offers a line of japanned plastic toilet seats. The company also manufactures a special hand sanitizer called Hand Sanz that is recommended for use in conjunction with the japanned seats and wipes. The range of Hand Sanz products includes sanitizers for hands and body and even a facial sanitizer for those who spend a lot of time in the sun.

TOTO has introduced a product called the TOBICool which attaches to any Japanned plastic toilet seat. This tool attaches to the seat with double-sided tape and creates a slim, flexible joint between the two toilet seats. When pressed, it tightens the joint between the toilet seat and the toilet bowl, preventing water from leaking out. It can also be pushed into the toilet bowl to clean the outer rim, thus resulting in a more hygienic toilet seat. The tool has a stainless steel head that easily slides into the bowl.

A unique product that can be added to the TOBICool is a TOBISurv, which is an electronic device that senses water pressure and activates a sensor that switches on a light and vibrates the seat. The sensor detects the water pressure and a light are activated when the sensor is detected. When the light is activated, the seat becomes warm and becomes vibrated, forcing water towards the tip of the toilet bowl. If the water pressure in the toilet bowl is low, the device will activate a nozzle that sprays cold water at the tip of the toilet bowl. These features make the TOBISurv very useful for people who are able to carry on with their business while sitting on the toilet.