TOTO Toilet Seat – Flushing Toilets At Sea With Siphon Jet Products


TOTO Toilet Seat – Flushing Toilets At Sea With Siphon Jet Products

TOTO is a Japanese owned company that produces toilet accessories. It is styled as TOTO, the world’s top toilet brand. It was established in 1917 and now is popular for developing both Washlets and other derivative products. The company now has production facilities in nine different countries across Asia. Most of their products are aimed at business segments in Asia, particularly India and China.

One of the most popular brands of toilet accessories in India is TOTO toilets. The company offers a wide range of toilet and bathroom products including traditional models to contemporary designs. If you are looking for an affordable choice in toilet accessories, then TOTO is an ideal brand name to opt for.

TOTO’s range of toilet accessories include toilet seat covers, small bathrooms, elongated bowls, soft toilet paper holder, chrome plated toilet bowl, ceramic/ceramic wares, disposable washcloths etc. All these items are designed to cater to the needs of small spaces. The elongated toilet bowls can be used for small bathrooms while the small bathrooms can be accommodated by the small ceramic/ceramic wares.

While purchasing a TOTO toilet, it is important to note the difference between the standard height and the elongated/standard height. The standard height toilet bowl is usually lower than the elongated or standard height one. This would mean that you will need to get a seat cover of higher height than the regular height seat cover to make the seat accessible for children. While purchasing a TOTO toilet you should ensure that the height of the seat cover fits perfectly with the height of the bowl of the toilet.

TOTO high-end models are more widely available in stores. These include, TOTO Pro SS, TOTO Supra, TOTO Vanish Plus. These models have gained a lot of popularity because they provide users with several facilities and perks. They allow for a high-end bathroom experience, along with an increase in water consumption. Water consumption is considerably reduced as these models use a special jet mechanism for flushing the toilet which saves water.

The TOTO Vanish Plus toilet has a comfortable seat height and offers two-bowl capability. It has a low water consumption and uses a high-end water-saving ceramic wash system that ensures less water used and hence saves on water bills. It also has a sleek and modern design, which matches well with modern interior decor.

The TOTO Supra is the most advanced model in the TOTO range. It has a slightly higher seat and provides users with a higher comfort level when using the toilet. It also has a very modern design that matches well with most contemporary interiors. It has the ability to flushing the toilet only once per flush which ensures lesser water consumption and saves on water bills. In addition to this, it offers a three-year warranty for the labor and parts required for repair and maintenance. The standard height of this model is twenty-three centimeters, which is slightly higher than the conventional eighteen-centimeter toilet seat height.

The TOTO Vanish Plus provides users with the ultimate in convenience and comfort. The Supra is a unique combination of both a high-end toilet and a high-end flushing system. It is the perfect choice for people who prefer a clean-looking but comfortable toilet and a high comfort height. It can be purchased at a price that is affordable even for those who don’t have a lot of cash to spare.