Eat to Lose Weight – A Guide For Busy People

When I was growing up, if someone wanted to teach me something, they would usually sit me down and eat it with me. They knew that I had a sweet tooth so it was a win-win situation for both of us. So, what was the first thing that they would teach me?


It was simple. If you were going to eat anything, you had to eat something with sugar in it. There was no alternative. So when I got hungry, I would eat my weight in chocolate.

Did it ever seem weird to me that I would be eating something with sugar in it? Yes, it did. But it was the only way I could eat. So I learned to eat my weight in chocolate.

I would occasionally eat other foods along with the chocolate. Things like grapes and raisins. Other fruits like the blueberry and the banana. A big bag of chips was always on hand as well.

Did I get hungry? Yes, but not often. And not often did I have an appetite problem. If I did get hungry, I ate anyway. And I never gained weight. Why did I keep going back to that place?

Why would I want to go back to that place again? Because I love you Mom and Dad. I miss you very much. You were always there for me, and now I am a big fat kid too. So I guess I still love you. And guess what…I know where to find you. Well, my friends and family can tell you the truth about why I should not be telling anyone about it. I mean, look at all those overweight people in magazines. You think they are happy now? Do you think they would have any interest in losing weight? I certainly do not.

Plus, I have learned my lesson. Once upon a time, when I was in the greatest shape and health, I never thought I could give up the foods I love so much and eat so healthily. That is why I went back to the place where I had those cravings. This time, instead of cravings, I got hunger. I had no idea how to deal with hunger.

I would eat until I was full, only to feel terrible afterwards. It was horrible! Luckily, I found a solution. Now, whenever I want or need something sweet, I know exactly what to get.