Technology Behind TOTO Toilets

TOTO (Tokyo-based TOTO) is the leading cosmetic company in Japan. It was established in 1917 and currently is known for producing the Washlet and various derivative products. The company is currently based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries worldwide.


The company began selling the first kind of sanitary ware called the Toilet in 1917. These were hand-washing utensils which were basically a bowl-shaped container which you poured liquid into, and which could then be taken out to wash. Over the years, TOTO has produced hundreds of imitations, including such well-known brands as Toilet Paper Boxes, Sanaglosses, Roper Rhodes, Oreno, Bekko, and Colgate Palmolive. They are still popular today.

If you’re looking to buy a new toilet lid or other bathroom fixtures, you may want to look at TOTO. Although they aren’t the top manufacturers in the United States (there are quite a few), they are considered “leading” by many Japanese manufacturers, including some famous names. You can usually find a range of TOTO products at discount stores and online. If you shop around, it’s possible to even score some “real” TOTO products, as well.

Another option to consider if you’re trying to update your bathroom is to replace your current sanitary ware with more recent models, such as a Toto Prosthetic toilet Paper Holder, or TOTO Phased Hydronic Bath Seat with Built-in Solar Power. Both of these products use a patented technology which ensures that your seat will stay clean over extended periods of time and won’t sag or leak. And both of these products use a patented remote control system which allows the user to adjust the temperature of the seat based on their personal preference. With a bit of adjustment, they can be used to keep the seat from freezing into a icy cold pose, as well as reliving the pain of sitting in the seat for prolonged hours.

For the home, there are some TOTO products that are especially noteworthy. One particularly noteworthy product is their My Toilet Washing Set, which includes a handheld wallet warmer, sanitary handpiece, and toilet paper warmer. The warmer can be used in combination with a handheld Japanese style warmers. These two products can help to kill off germs and promote good hygiene in the home. Other options include the Toto Prosthetic Toilet, which has been designed to resist nasty spills, and the TOTO Phased Hydronic Bath Seat, which provide users with a relaxing soak in a heated toilet seat, relieving them of thatching and chafing problems. This seat also helps to kill bacteria.

In addition to these well-known products, TOTO manufactures a wide range of unique and useful items. For example, they offer an innovative heated towel rail with an integrated remote control. This item can be controlled via a handheld transmitter. Another helpful TOTO accessory is their Toto Bath Power Pole, which offers users with a way to heat their baths. Finally, their Thermo Booster Seat contains an electronic thermostat, which can be used to pre-heat a car’s interior before getting inside.