E-Commerce Training – Writing Trustworthy Content

It wasn’t that long ago when we used to eat at home. There was enough space for the plate, the napkin and the flatware. You didn’t have to clean up dinnerware before you used it; the rest of the house handled that kind of thing.


Life was simpler. No need to preoccupy yourself with the mechanics of dinnerware because it was already done by someone else. We could eat what we wanted, when we wanted. But life is complex and we now realize that we cannot rely on such old rules. Sentence examples in this article illustrate the key points about quality control and why, as e-a-t-r-i-c-k it is so important:

* Searching for quality experts and e-a-t-r-i-c-k experts on the internet. The first step is to find a list of expert authority searches. For example, you can use Google or yahoo! The next step is to select a few experts (or your preferred search engine) and try to contact them. Remember that they may not be in your city or state, depending on the size of your niche and the business model you are operating.

* Evaluating your website. This step involves evaluating your web pages and the content contained on them. You will have to follow the search quality evaluator guidelines closely, because you want your web pages to be ranked accordingly. Remember that Google and Yahoo! use different ranking algorithms.

* Creating new information pages. You will have to do some heavy research to create new high-quality content and establish links to your new pages. Remember that you need to work with link building services. Once your new information pages to get established, you can start working on link popularity and getting your site accepted by Google. In addition to that, you should focus on creating fresh and original content for your e-a-t-r-i-g pages. Your Google page rank and your financial advice expert status are largely determined by how many other sites you have visited.

* Trustworthiness and authoritativeness. It has been observed that when an article is written by a high-authority or respected source, more than 60% of online readers and users trust the information given in that article. Similarly, Google considers e-a-t-r-i-g pages to be high-authority when they contain original and well-researched material. Hence, if you want to remain a trusted authority in your niche, you should work on providing good content, developing your own brand image, and generating high page quality.