How to Gel Hong Kong

When Tokel Hongkong won the first Chinese National Games, he became a national celebrity. He was called the Butterfly of Asia because he represented everything Asian people want in sports – a shy and retiring player, but with incredible jumping and lightning speed. It was this combination of being quiet and fast, that caught the attention of many sport lovers, especially those in Hong Kong who followed his progress. Many wrote him off as another washed out athlete, but his performances in the national games and the publicity gained by his victories convinced the world that this was someone different. Today, Tokel Hongkong is best known for his role as martial arts expert Jeet Kune Do master Bruce Lee in the hit movie Kung Fu Panda.

Now a leading figure in the arena of taekwondo, Tokel Hongkong has also become something of a celebrity in his own right. His two books – Easy Way to learn Taekwondo and The Essence of Taekwondo – have made him a household name in the martial arts world. While many are envious of his success and his wealth, his fans can be assured of one thing – Tokel Hongkong will always give them something to aspire to.

One thing that Tokel Hongkong cannot be accused of is cheating. There is no video record to show that he tried any illegal moves, and he has always said that he is always in the protection of the law. Whatever else people say, there is no proof that he swindled the companies that he represented. Whatever else you think, it is irrelevant – Tokel Hongkong and his Easy Way to learn Taekwondo and The Essence of Taekwondo remains an institution.

But while Tokel has been a popular presence within the martial arts scene, he has not managed to reach the status of big-name taekwondo teachers. That is because Tokel Hongkong’s reputation precedes him. He has not only held the title of” Korea’s Best Taekwondo Instructor” but he has also become the most popular Korean speaker within the United States. In fact, in the last few years, the number of American Taekwondo schools that teach Tokel’s style of taekwondo has increased dramatically. While the number of American practitioners who have become involved with Taekwondo in any way is certainly higher than the number of practitioners who have ever become a Taekwondo instructor, these instructors still cannot compare to Tokel’s popularity.

But this popular following for Tokel Hong Kong is not all it is cracked up to be. The reason that he has been able to attain this level of success is simply due to his ability to combine traditional methods of martial arts training with modern day methods. When you take a look at the originality of Tokel’s style, you quickly realize that it is quite different from the more common styles that have been introduced onto the martial arts scene over the past fifty or so years. And when you examine his training with Korean Taekwondo masters, you will find that this man and his system have an extremely deep understanding of the root philosophy of Taekwondo, which is known as “pak sae” – or the power of one’s body. This is something that is not found in the more commonly adopted systems such as the older forms of karate and judo. And it is this very philosophy that gives Tokel’s training a truly profound influence on the martial artists who practice it.

The secret to Tokel’s success is in his teaching of the many interrelated concepts that he teaches. When you study his philosophy, you will find that there is a common thread that runs through all of them – which is the uniting force of physical, mental, and spiritual development. This is what makes to gel hongkong so unique and it is the core of his secret skill of attracting students. Without this, it is quite unlikely that he would have achieved the level of success that he has today.