How a Toilet Named Toto Came to Be

To be precise, to do this, we must first define what a toto is. The definition given here is that of a small bird native to the jungles of Central America and the Caribbean. There is some debate about the exact meaning of the word, but it is generally accepted that a toto is a small bird, the same size as a duck, and black with white splotches on its breast. These are similar characteristics to that of a woodpecker, but a toto is not nearly as loud nor as aggressive as its cousin.

To give the matter some consideration, let us imagine that you are using the bathroom at night. Suddenly, you hear a beep, and a bright light flashes from the corner of the room. Before you can blink, a toto appears, flapping its wings and making a soft chirping noise. Obviously, this is not your usual visitor – it is a toto toilet, a toilet designed and named toto toilets by its Spanish creator, Bartolome de Los Garzas.

Upon sighting the toto, the startled Tin Man shrieked and ran away. But not before yelling: “TOTO! Yarros! Yarros!” – which means, “trash”. Thus, Tin Man became known as the inspiration for the catchphrase, “Toto, take out the trash” – an idiom that stuck.

The origin of the name for toto toilets is shrouded in mystery, but one story has it that a rich Spanish Goldsmith was traveling through Mexico and fell sick and died. Because his wealth was also very meager, his family asked cowherders to build them a large hut in the service of their master. The cowherds were so impressed with the prospect of working for such low wages that they named the hut after the Goldsmith – Toto. This is where the term for toto toilet was born.

Today, many companies produce toto toilets for the home and business use alike. You’ll find them in traditional and modern design, and in a variety of materials like porcelain, stainless steel, brass, and copper. Even ceramic toilets are available in small and large sizes, and some of these toilet bowls (especially the porcelain ones) are quite gorgeous and come in a variety of colors. So whether you need a toilet bowl for a hotel room or a bathroom or simply want to spruce up your own home bathroom with a beautiful fixture, you’ll find just what you need at the right price.

So remember, if you ever see a toto, don’t wonder why it had the head of a cow or why it had two hands; you may have been seeing one of the splendid Toto toilet fixtures in the famous movie, Hollywood Forever. These toilets are so popular that numerous imitations have been manufactured, but none compares to the original. If you’re looking to spruce up your toiletry room, a Toto toilet might be just the thing to do. Check them out today!