TOTO Toilets – Walks Your Bathroom Clean With Toto’s Bidets


TOTO Toilets – Walks Your Bathroom Clean With Toto’s Bidets

The toilet industry is dominated by two brands; TOO and Litan. These companies have been dominating the market since their establishment some years ago. Now that the two companies have merged, they will be able to produce even more amazing products to satisfy the needs of homeowners all over the globe. To help you in choosing the right TOO brand, here are a few points you should know:

TOTO Ltd., stylized as TOTO, is the world’s biggest toilet producer. It was established in 1917 and currently is well known for producing the Washlet, and many other derivative products. The company is primarily based in Kitakyushu, Japan, and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. In addition, TOTO also has an existing line of designer toilets called Marucho, which is very popular in Europe.

The Marucho line of toilets is designed to offer both style and comfort. Their seats are made from tempered glass, giving them a sleek look that is both modern and traditional at the same time. All the toilets in the Marucho line also come with a self-cleaning feature, making them highly hygienic. Another advantage of the self-cleaning feature in a toto, as in most other toilet brands, is that it helps reduce water consumption. This, in turn, helps in reducing carbon emissions.

Another feature in Marucho products is the integrated spray wand. This is a handy tool, which comes in very handy when using the toilet. The spray wand has the ability to cleanse your hands while spraying the waste (with the help of water) into the toilet tank. This helps keep your hands clean and allows you to perform other tasks while waiting for the waste to be emptied. The Marucho spray wand even has the capability to empty the water from a water-well, if the tank is full.

As far as bidets go, the Toto Company offers three models: the Ultramax, the Eva-dry and the Enema. All these bidets have an innovative mechanism in place. The Ultramax is particularly well equipped in terms of being able to deal with high water pressure. However, the Ultramax lacks in terms of style, which is probably for the better. The Eva-dry bidet has a very stylish body that mounts onto the toilet bowl with an integrated waterproof heating element, allowing you to keep the warm during a shower.

All in all, Toto toilets are probably best known for their bidets. However, their products can also cater to other hygiene needs like hand washing or even skin care, as well as taking care of regular toilet maintenance. It’s best to take a look at how Toto would package its products for more efficient self-cleaning. This way, you get a better idea on what’s to come from them. You’ll surely get your money’s worth after using their bidets.