All About TOTO Toilet Seats


All About TOTO Toilet Seats

Known as TOTO, stylized as TOHO, is the largest toilet brand in the world. It was established in 1917 and is best known for producing the Washlet, Bidet, and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan, which is also home to several factories. Over the years, TOTO has expanded its range of toilet-related products, making them more accessible to consumers everywhere.

The most common toilet seat replacement product sold today is the TOTO Washlet. In Japan, TOTO manufactures the Washlet, Bidet, and other bidet toilet seat accessories. These wavelets are known for their colorful prints and stylish designs. As well as washlets, they also manufacture bathroom furniture such as stands, seats, toilet seat hooks, and toilet seat rails. All these accessories are designed to aid users in cleaning their respective toilet seats perfectly, thus preventing unwanted spots and streaks.

Among the various types of bidets available in the market, TOTO makes two main categories: the Washlets, which can be used to wash both the bottom and the top part of the toilet seats, and the Bidets, which are using to wash just one part of the toilet. The Washlet is a simple design that features one button for both flushing and for setting the wash status. The Bidet on the other hand, incorporates two buttons for flushing and another to set the wash status. The Washlet has a very simple design, whereas the Bidet has a number of washlets to choose from, each designated for the particular part of the toilet it will be used on.

If you wish to purchase a TOTO Washlet, there are a couple of options available to you. You can either visit the nearest TOTO dealer, or you can order your own TOTO Washlet online. As with any product purchased online, it is always advisable to read customer testimonials before making a purchase. If you are interested in purchasing a TOTO toilet seat, you must also check out the available varieties, sizes and colors of the toto washlet. There are a wide variety of colors and patterns available to choose from, making it easy to find the right toilet seat that matches your decor and the theme of your house. Some of the most popular patterns include geometric designs, stripes, wood finish, leather, vinyl and mesh.

When it comes to choosing the right washlet for your house, you should also consider the additional accessories that come along with the washlet, such as the seat and remote control. The seat of a TOTO toilet seat is made out of a hard-wearing material, hence you won’t have to worry about it getting worn out too quickly. The seat of the washers that come with the TOTO wavelets has a remote control with which you can wash the dishes and bathroom manually or by using the included, rechargeable wand. The wand comes with a long-range and a short-range for washing and drying the different parts of the washroom.

The lid of the TOTO toilet seat comes with a push button lock, which prevents children from opening the lid while you are inside the restroom or while you are bathing. If you wish to keep the lid open when not in use, you can simply push the button lock until it locks. This TOTO one-piece lid is very useful in conserving water usage, since it prevents the water from overflowing when it rains outside, thus ensuring a dry bathroom when you go inside.