What Is Toto?

Toto (or Toto) is a fictional character in the book and movie, The Rwanda Shocks. The fictional baby gorilla Toto was born in captivity in the USA. At birth the baby was covered with thick fur, resembling that of a newborn baby seal. The baby was named Princess Toto and was trained by Dr. Milton Barrow to carry on his father’s business of carrying live gorillas in the wilderness. The life of this infant gorilla was filled with peril and tragedy as the mother, a white lady, tried to protect her baby by killing a hunting party that had found her baby son.


In later years the actress Rosemary Clooney took on the role of the beautiful, gentle, and kind little toto who was depicted as caring and loving by the movies and by the subsequent books, the Toto series. After her turn as the glamorous, spunky Tin Man in the Tin Light mini-series, Toto made a great comeback in the later books and movies as the loyal yet fierce little Tin Man. She appeared in the Tin Light series again in the sequel, Tin Light Forever, and again in the video game sequel, Trials.

Recently in the popular television show, The Oprah Winfrey Show, an animated toto appeared as a guest speaker in one of the shows, saying that she felt sad that the once-beautiful toto had become like the common, run-of-the-mill bananas. In one scene from the show, the toto declared that she wished all humans were as beautiful as her pet toto. In the book and subsequent movies, Toto received further recognition as the caring, loving pet towing woman who accompanies Dorothy in her quest. The toto is portrayed by good actress, Angelina Jolie, who received rave reviews for her role. In the book and subsequent movies, the toto is portrayed by Gwyneth Paltrow, whose glowing, cherubic face has a powerful effect on children and adults alike.

A live action TV series, titled as No Ordinary Family, which is aired on the FOX network, features Gwyneth Paltrow as Toto, along with Dabney Coleman as her daughter, alongside Diego Luna as her son. The novel’s lead character, Toto, is a young woman who lives in Manhattan. While her father works long hours as a bus conductor, she spends her free time playing miniature golf with her friends and fellow young girl at the local golf course.

When the book series was launched in the US in 2021, it became instantly popular and has been serialized in a number of newspapers and websites in English and Korean. The film adaptation, No Ordinary Family, was released in Korean and Chinese in 2021 and became hugely successful. In the film, Toto is played by actress Kim Tae Hee, while his daughter, played by Lee Soon Shin, becomes the primary lead.

Currently, there are four television series based on the Toppings’ works. Of these, the most recent, No Ordinary Family, has been postponed due to the success of the first season. The first season, which was highly popular, ended with the release of No Ordinary Family 2, which is in pre-production now.