Kohler Toilets and TOTO Toilets

Toto, stylized as TTO, is the largest cosmetic company in the world. It was founded in 1917, with its main headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan. The company is currently located in Kitakyushu, Japan and has manufacturing facilities in nine other countries. Some of the products manufactured by Toto are washcloths, towels, bath towels, mats, bath curtains, toilet paper, rugs, cutlery sets, kitchen accessories, cabinetry, upholstery, footwear, stationery, wall art, wallpaper, crystal ware, scented candles, perfume and confectionery.


The most popular item produced by Toto is the Washlet, a type of toilet seat with elongated, rounded corners that resemble a shell. The seat consists of two metal compartments, a “washcloth pocket” on the bottom that holds hand towels, a pull handle to pull out the seat, and a “drip tray” at the top of the seat. Toilet seats typically have a button or a dial to adjust the height of the seat and a “drip cup” to keep the “wash cloth” from drying out. The “drip tray” also serves to keep the “wash cloth” from being wiped as the seat dries. Each model of toto toilet has a unique model number.

The other products sold by Toto include toilet accessories, such as toilet seat holders and elongated bowls. Some of these toilet accessories are removable, while others are not. When a customer purchases a set of Toto toilet accessories, he/she must also purchase a seat, a “drip tray”, and a pull handle for each individual toilet.

The Toto toilet “flushing system” uses a small hand pump to activate each flush. The pumps are operated by a hand button on each toilet. One can activate one flush by simply pressing the button on the pump, while two or more tries are required for the other flush. A small valve connects each flush to a booster, which in turn adds water pressure to the toilet bowl. This pumping system is easy to operate and is generally considered safe, though occasional malfunctions have occurred.

The Toto company claims that its toto toilets provide up to five gallons per flush. However, this claim remains unverified as most toto toilets vary significantly in capacity. For example, a fourteen inch toto toilet may contain anywhere from four to eight gallons per flush. The average size Toto toilet bowl is between six and ten inches in diameter, making them the ideal toilet for many homeowners.

In general, the toto market is competitive and many companies manufacture and sell combination toilets, including the Kohler Universal Flush Plus and the Proflute, both of which combine the functionality of both a sanitary and a flushing system. Kohler’s Universal Plus and Proflute both utilize the same high-performance parts, such as the Ultra violet (UV) light, making them reliable, easy to maintain, and affordable. While Kohler’s systems do have a reputation for reliability, both of their products are known for occasional malfunctions. The best thing to do is to thoroughly research both your options and select a toilet that best suits your needs.