TOTO Toilets Review – Which TOTO Toilet Is Right For You?

Toto, styled as TOTO, is today the worlds largest bathroom furniture maker. It was established in 1917, and is most famous for creating the Washlet and related accessory products. The company is headquartered in Kitakyushu, Japan,and has production facilities in nine other countries. Today TOTO designs both the Washlets themselves and bath room accessories such as hand rails. They also have a strong presence on the homemakers market, with a wide variety of shower enclosures, bath mats, bath seat cushions, etc. Their product line is constantly expanding, taking into consideration customer feedback, market trends and competitive forces.


One of TOTO’s latest innovations is the Toto Washlet Advanced version. This is a revolutionary washroom tool which makes use of a unique “floating seal”. This clever seal allows the users of the toilet to keep foods and beverages from getting into the toilet bowl. The Toto Washlet Advanced has a built-in sensor that senses when food or drink gets into the bowl. When this happens, the seal automatically locks itself in place, preventing the food or drink from flowing out.

A Bidet seat is another innovation by TOTO. These bidets sit on top of a toto, or self-cleaning toilet bowl. With a Bidet seat, users can conveniently cleanse their genitals while they are relaxing. With a bidet seat, users will no longer need to worry about the fact that they are performing a pelvic act in public. Bidets are a great innovation in the bidet field, providing an innovative way to wash your genitalia in the privacy of your own home.

While TOTO is primarily known for their traditional flush toilets, they have recently released several new technologies. For example, they have released their Indesign self-cleaning toilet seats. This innovative technology uses patented technology to clean your toto with the push of a button. This convenient option is perfect for persons who need to go to the bathroom numerous times during the day.

Last but not least, TOTO also offers a chrome trip toilet. This high-tech flushing system was designed to be used with the TOTO Proflushing System. The chrome trip flushing system is available with two different options: chrome trip or stainless steel travel system. This product is extremely useful because it eliminates the need for you to flush the toilet manually as well as allowing you to save water.

In summary, TOTO has several fantastic products. They include a very successful compact bidet seat, a wonderful new electric self-cleaning toilet and a revolutionary heated seat. The heated seats are especially convenient for persons who may struggle with arthritis or other problems. All these products can be purchased from the TOTO website and they are extremely reasonably priced. You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg to take advantage of these wonderful new comforts.