TOTO Toilets – A Better Alternative To Traditional Japanese Toilet Seats

The Toto bath range has some great features that you probably never thought you would need in a bathroom: heated seating, a massaging shower tap, a bidet (with separate controls for water pressure and body temperature), and a self-cleaning lid. But it doesn’t end there: the Toto bath is also very easy to clean. In fact, the Toto bath range even has special hand warmers to add to the relaxation benefits. Another great feature of the Toto range is that they are made in the US, so you know that your products are made with care and quality. So what are you waiting for?

Toto toilet bidets are one of the most popular and sought after brands of toilet bidets and are ideal for people who want to be able to take showers without having to worry about getting their clothes all messed up. Their heated seats work very well at raising the water temperature to an appropriate level, meaning that you get to enjoy the warm bath but also the added relief of not feeling cold. And the massaging action of the bidet will help to relieve any stress and tension that you might have accumulated during the shower. Once you’ve had your relaxing bath, the hand warmers should do the final trick to making you feel refreshed and ready to face another busy day.

One of the most popular toilet seats on the market is the Toto washlet toilet seat. This range from Toto includes some fantastic toilet accessories that will help to make using the washroom a lot more pleasant. The Toto washlet toilet seat has an integrated humidifier which will keep the room nice and moist, eliminating the dry, annoying feeling that can sometimes be experienced when using a regular toilet seat. You also get some fantastic built in water filters that will take out any odours and ensure that your wash is as fresh as it can ever be.

One of the most useful accessories on offer from Toto is the Toto Toilet Seat Quick Coupler. This attaches directly to the wall and comes with a handy outlet tap. What this does is allow you to easily transfer your washing to the toilet. Once you are finished, simply attach the outlet to the wall, shut the valve and you are done. If you need to get out, just detach the hook on the toilet and you can easily use a towel to dry yourself off.

But if you really want to take your toto toilet to the next level, then you could always get an electric bidet, such as the Toto Electric Bidet. These bidets heat up automatically, with the heating element situated underneath the seat, meaning that no warm air is needed to heat the water. The warm water stream will remove all the hard water and dried skin from your bottom, leaving you feeling refreshed and clean after your bathroom stay.

So if you want to make the most of your bathroom facilities, then there are plenty of options to choose from. From traditional Japanese toilet seats to a variety of modern designs, there is something for everyone on the market. But if you are looking for a more stylish alternative, then you can always opt for a Toto Toilet Seat. If you have been looking for an alternative to traditional Japanese toilet seats, then you won’t be disappointed. The unique styling of these Toto Toilets will leave all your friends in awe.