Toto, the Monkey

The question of how to tell if a toto is male or female is almost as difficult to answer as the question of how to tell the difference between male and female cats. Since the male cat is simply called a “toy,” most people prefer to call him by his name, especially when referring to a litter of kittens. The cat’s name can also be used in toto when indicating affection for him or her. In general, though, toto names are feminine, reflecting the cat’s role as the nurturer.


The meaning of toto is “a boyish or giddy fancy.” If you think a fortune teller’s predicted future has to do with luck, it refers to the fact that you accept the reality of what he says. In toto de las te quinceanillas (“tennis shoes”), the male toto appears in red, usually with a white face and red ears. In Hollywood Forever, a toto named Tin Man was a tennis lover who owned and operated a tennis club in Manhattan Beach. When the head judge of the tennis tournament asked Tin Man to name his prize, the toto responded, “Tin Man!”

In many subsequent books and movies, the toto generally refers to a male cartoon character such as Bugs Bunny or Scooby-Doo. A toto called Toto in the Harry Potter books is a robot who accompanies the wizard, and in the sequel, a toto named Wanda bears a resemblance to a witch. In a movie based on the Book and films, the robot Piccinini is called Antonio. Some tots in the Star Wars series have voices similar to that of Yoda.

In a novel based on the book and feature “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”, Tiffany as Mrs. Robinson is called Tiffany “Tiffany the Tramp” rather than Tiffany “Tiffany the Monkey”. The last of the series by C.S. Yeates, “The Gods of Mars” includes a female character called Marsha who has a toto that resembles a monkey, which resembles a toto known as Toto. In an episode of Star Trek, Counselor Troi identifies Mr. Spock as “Trots”.

In the novelization of “A Midsummer’s Night Dream”, the title character was named Tooba. In the later books of the series, Tooba becomes romantically involved with Spock. The Adventures of Peter Pan (the Disney film), and the Tim Burton movie, version of Peter Pan both have a toto named Peter Pan, who is a clever and happy character. The character of Tooba is not mentioned in any literature, nor does the character of Toto appear in any literature.

C.S. Yeates, who wrote the stories for many of these popular children’s stories, also created a long list of toto figures. He created the character Ofrenda, which is a toto named after a Spanish village. He created Orlandu, the Sea- monkeys who hide in the forest and eat poisonous berries when they are threatened. Other toto figures include Pumba, a big toto with a round body and a large round head found in the novel “Guarded against the Night”.