The Reasons to Use TOTO Toilets

Recently, TOTO has expanded into the watch industry, too. TOTO trademarked the name “TO” (or Touch) in order to distinguish their small range of baby-oriented watches. They have since expanded into many areas, and now produce watches for men, women, children, fitness enthusiasts, collectors, and environmental advocates. All these different areas appeal to different markets, but TOTO is still successful because they deliver quality products with a unique vision.


TOTO Ltd., styled as TOTO, is Japan’s largest toilet brand. It was established in 1917, and today is known for creating the Washlet, adult Convertible, and other derivative products. The company is located in Kitakyushu, Japan,and currently has production facilities in nine countries worldwide. Most of their watches are sold in the U.S.

Since its humble beginning, TOTO has developed various innovative toilet products, like the Washlet. The brand’s flagship product, the Washlet, revolutionized the bathroom market by providing a functional and stylish way to wash your hands. Like the original, the latest model from TOTO features a single lever control, which allows you to manually clean your hands. Its ergonomically designed buttons make it easy to operate. The design of the washlet mimics the body of a washing machine to make it comfortable to use, and adds a sense of security as you know that your hands will be clean.

Toilet bowls have also been developed by TOTO. The Company’s aim is to provide users with high-quality restrooms by consistently improving its designs and functionality. TOTO’s first novel toilet bowl was released in Japan in 1998, called the TOB PLUS. The model incorporates a new double-sided coin mechanism for added functionality. It is available in limited colors and styles, but is a great option for any bathroom.

Other toilet seat brands are also compatible with TOTO toilet seats. Toilets from companies like Kohler and General Mills have been modified to fit perfectly with TOTO models. In addition, they have gained approval from the Japanese High Quality Council for toilet seats. Their seats are especially designed to protect childrens delicate skin when they’re placed on them. For example, Kohler’s TOTO Proactivity Forte series is made from plastic, which is very lightweight and durable. It is specially designed to prevent scratches on soft and nice surfaces, whilst providing a comfortable and stable support to prevent tipping.

TOTO also makes toilet accessories such as heated seat and heated towel rails. The heated seat is a patented technology, used to fight back against cold and flu. An infrared heating element regulates your bowel temperature to keep you feeling relaxed and refreshed. This is a revolutionary technology and has already started appearing in hospitals across Japan.