The Band Toto

Toto Ltd. is a Japanese company that is best known for its Washlet toilet. The company has manufacturing facilities in nine countries and was founded in 1917. Their headquarters are in Kitakyushu, Japan. The company produces toilets and other bathroom equipment. They are known for their Washlet toilets. They have been designing toilets since the 1930s. The Toto company is also known for the sanitary napkin, which is used to keep hands clean.

After leaving the band in 2008, Toto reformed in 2013, with guitarist Steve Lukather and drummer Gregg Bissonette. After touring in Europe, Toto added “Hash Pipe” to their setlist. The song was originally by Weezer, and they were inspired by the hit single by Toto from 1981. In addition, the song was released as a live recording. While Toto’s newest album features Gregg Bissonette, the band also continues to tour and release albums.

Toto continued their tour with five members. In 1988, they performed at the Montreux Jazz Festival, and their hit “The Man Who Sold the World” made them platinum in the United States. In the summer of 2000, Toto toured Europe, and their tour included the United Kingdom. While on tour, the band also recorded their third album, “Tik-Tok of Oz.” The following year, Toto released a live album titled The Lost Princess of Oz.

The band’s first album, The Seventh One, was released in 1977. Toto reunited in the summer of 2010, but suffered a tragic loss when lead singer Mike Porcaro was diagnosed with ALS. Toto reformed in 2010 and celebrated their 40th anniversary in the same year. The band announced an extended hiatus and a new name, “Toto.” However, the group will resume touring in 2020.

In the early 1990s, the band’s success was attributed to their ability to reinvent their sound. Toto recorded their third album, titled “Toto”, in 1991. Its second album, “Toto II,” was released in December. The band then toured the United States for two years. Toto’s first album was released in the United States, and the sequel was released in 1992. Despite its many fans, the band’s success remains undisputed.

Despite their many collaborations, Toto’s most popular album is The Way It is. Toto was the first band to release an album with an album that featured a cover by Steely Dan and the Beatles. Toto’s newest album, Through the Looking Glass, was released a year later. The title refers to the fact that the band’s members have a variety of influences, which include Bob Marley, Pink Floyd, and Quincy Jones.

The Toto lineup is composed of Steve Porcaro, Cheryl Lynn, and Steve Lukather. The touring musicians also include Lenny Castro and Shannon Forrest. After the album was released, the band embarked on a world tour to promote the album. Toto is known for their distinctive, beautiful, and durable toilets. In addition to being used in hotels around the world, their CeFiONtect coating prevents the build-up of bacteria and fungi.