The Band Toto


The Band Toto

In summer of 2010, Toto decided to reform their band and tour again. They had already made it to the U.S. with their first album, “Kingdom of Desire,” and they were looking for a new direction for the rest of the world. They found it and made their American debut in 1991. Now, Toto has more than 80 million users all over the world. Not only are their toilets more comfortable and easier to clean, they have a wide range of features. They can be found in many high-end restaurants, high-end hotels, and other businesses.

Toto was a highly influential band for over 40 years. After the break-up of the group in 1973, the group went on a brief European tour to raise money for the cause of the late lead singer, Mike Porcaro. The group’s first American tour was in early 1979, and the success of “Hold the Line” and “Georgy Porgy” helped them reach worldwide acclaim. Toto has worked with many artists, from Michael McDonald to Cheryl Lynn.

The band’s new album, “Transition,” was released on April 29, 2014. The song “Francesca” was the band’s most successful album, and it reached number one in the Billboard charts. In addition to the two albums, Toto went on a small world tour in 1997. However, this time, they chose to focus on a new album. In addition to the album, the group also had a new guitarist, Steve Lukather. The guitarist, Joseph Williams, also played guitar on the track “Could This Be Love” and on the album’s cover of the Beatles.

In addition to performing on several albums, Toto has also been a fixture in the rock music scene. Its second album, Turn Back, was a huge hit in Japan. The lead single “Beat It”, from this album, became an iconic tune for the group. This album has even been covered by the legendary Sonny & Cher. In addition to their numerous hits, Toto’s third album, The Darkest Hour, was critically acclaimed, and spawned the phenomenon of the rock-star funk-rock band.

The band Toto’s lineup was made up of several musicians, including Bobby Kimball, and a new drummer. The album included three singles that topped the Billboard Hot 100. It was followed by a tour in Japan, Australia, and the United States. It was a triple platinum-certified album, featuring several hits and songs in multiple genres. The band’s members were a great influence in the rock industry. They played on numerous hit records, and the band is known worldwide for their classic songs.

Toto’s new album “Kingdom of Desire” is the most popular album in the band’s catalog. It was the second album to chart in the world, and a number of other hits have been covered by Toto. During this tour, the band performed songs like “Africa” and “Jack to the Bone” by Boz Scaggs. Another song, “Africa”, was covered by Toto’s hit single with the same title by Weezer.