The Band Toto


Toto is an American rock band that formed in 1977. The band’s members include Steve Lukather, David Paich, Joseph Williams, John Pierce, Robert “Sput” Searight, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, and Warren Ham. They have also collaborated with many other musicians. They have released several albums in various genres, including progressive rock. In addition to their music, the band has authored many books. Their work has garnered a worldwide audience.

Many Toto washlets come with dual flush functions. This means you can either use 0.6 or 0.9 gallons per flush, or you can choose a higher-flush rate without emptying your tank. In addition to saving water, the dual flush feature makes your life easier, too. Many of these toilets feature a remote control, making them easy to operate. Some models also include remote controls for bidet, dryer, and flush functions. Toto toilets also come with a variety of flush systems, including quiet, tornado, and double cyclone. These systems are all designed to reduce flushing noise and increase the flushing force.

The popularity of the Washlet is no accident. Although TOTO originally targeted golf courses, the company soon began to target other areas. Their executive team installed TOTO washlets in their homes and demanded the toilets everywhere they went. By the end of the century, the brand had reached the level of widespread use, and the company’s brand equity was $311 million, making it one of the world’s leading toilet brands. TOTO’s Washlets are also found in several luxury hotels including the Shangri-la in London, business class bathrooms on Boeing 777, and in the Louvre museum in Paris. They have become the ultimate washroom status symbol.

While Toto toilets are similar to any other toilets, cleaning them properly is important to ensure durability. When using harsh chemical cleaners to clean your Toto toilet bowl, you can damage its CeFiONtect coating. A gel-based toilet bowl cleaner, a soft cloth, and a plastic bristle brush can help you to clean your Toto toilet. Be careful not to use too much toilet paper, as too much could clog your sewer system.

Toto was formed in 1977. The band’s lineup features Steve Lukather, David Paich, and Joseph Williams. The band’s lineup is currently composed of Joseph Williams, David Paich, and Steve Porcaro. The band also includes John Pierce, Robert “Sput” Searight, Dominique “Xavier” Taplin, Steve Maggiora, and Warren Ham. The band’s songs are often described as progressive rock with jazz and R&B influences.

In addition to the classic books, Toto appears in several other movies and television shows. Inkheart, a sequel to The Wizard of Oz, has Toto as Meggy’s companion. He helps Meggy defeat the evil shadow monster and makes a good friend for the two main characters. The dog’s name comes from a Munja’kin word for “dog.” Toto is a bichon-frise, not a black Cairn terrier.