TOTO Toy Cars

Based out of Tokyo, Japan, TOTO is the worlds largest bath product manufacturer. It was established in 1917, and is renowned for creating the famed Washlet and various other derivative products. The company is currently based out of Kitakyushu, Japan, with production facilities in nine different countries. Below is an overview of what TOTO has to offer its customers.


Every year, TOTO releases a variety of imitations of the classic Hot Wheels collection. Many collections feature colorful plastic toy men in their various states of erectile dysfunction. In most cases, the toy cars have to be assembled in order to drive them around, but the TOTO Hot Wheels RC Street Racing car is a different story. Each of these Hot Wheels RC vehicles comes with instructions to assemble it and fly it around your living room. While Hot Wheels may have been the inspiration for toto appeared in Hollywood forever, toto still has a strong following in the RC world.

Many of the toys that TOTO releases can be found in the libraries of colleges and universities throughout the United States. Following the success of the Hot Wheels RC Street Racing car in Hollywood, TOTO decided to launch a series of similar toys based on the same formula. Since many of the first Hot Wheels RC toys were made of plastic, TOTO decided to create toto appear more like a metal tin man. Following numerous sales of TOTO tin men to college students, the company decided to launch TOTO Metal toto figures and merchandise to be sold to the general public.

Following a partnership with Hasbro, TOTO Toys started a wide variety of toys based on the world of Harry Potter. TOTO decided to create a series of figures that could be used to construct Harry Potter’s home. With their success, TOTO had the opportunity to branch out into other franchises such as Star Wars and GI Joe. Both of these legendary toy lines became TOTO’s biggest hits. When Hasbro acquired the Hasbro brand, TOTO was forced to change their name to Toysrus.

Although TOTO was forced to change their name due to a trademark infringement suit from Hasbro, they have managed to maintain the same high standards that they established in their early years. As they have continued to grow, TOTO has become much more than a choice for child collectors. Adults like to collect TOTO to create an impressive display case to display their favorite movie or television series. For children TOTO is a way to learn how cars operate, while for adults it is a way to create an interesting project to create years ago memories with their own homemade cars. For years, TOTO has been a top manufacturer of educational toys.

When you are searching for a new kids collection, take time to look at TOTO. They have a number of classic lines that will appeal to kids of all ages. With the Hasbro merger, TOTO has taken on a whole new meaning in terms of what they can do. While their cars may not be as fast as those from decades ago, they are not what they used to be. As Hasbro continues to expand into other markets, TOTO will continue to offer quality kids products at affordable prices.