Which Toilet Seat is Right For You?

Since 1960 TOTO ( Tokyo, Japan ) has been manufacturing and distributing toilet fixtures and accessories, including bathroom suites. The brand started out manufacturing miniature toilets for domestic use in a small apartment by a man named Kenji Takata. In 1960, TOTO manufactured the first ever toilet that incorporated a bidet. Today, TOTO manufactures state of the art toilets for both residential and commercial use.


Some TOTO toilets come with a special function called an “en-suite”. These en-suite toilet seats can be used by two people. Other popular features include a hand held shower and a bidet. While the TOTO bidet is one of the most advanced and popular hand held shower units on the market, there are several other models of bidets available.

A hand held, single person, shower bathtub is called a “washlet”. One of the most popular types of washlets in the marketplace is a hand held model. ” Washlets” are also called “bespoke” or “customer favorites” because the customer is able to select a washlet that exactly matches his or her needs. This type of toilet seat is made to fit any standard size to fit a standard size bathroom. Many toto manufacturers also offer “custom” washlets as well.

The Ultramax II is one of the best toto toilet models on the market today. Ultramax products are considered to be of the highest quality and feature a variety of useful features. Ultramax products are also the most expensive toilet seats currently available. The Ultramax II is one of the largest self flushing bidet systems available on the market. If you need to wash more than one person at a time, this is probably not the best toto toilet for you to purchase.

An Air Dryer Toilet Seat is considered the best toto toilet seat when it comes to style, performance and ease of use. This seat utilizes a high powered air dryer to dry your genital area after each flush. The High Pressure Air Dryer helps to quickly dry the genital area after each flush. This is a great option for people who have sore muscles in their genital areas from holding in the urine for a long period of time. It is also recommended for use by senior citizens who often find themselves holding their urine for extended periods of time.

One of the most common complaints about toto toilets is that they don’t flush with the same ease and efficiency as other types of toilets. Most of the toto toilet seats on the market today come with the necessary adjustments to accommodate a wide variety of potty needs. A standard toto toilet seat will hold between three and five gallons of urine. If you are looking to only flush with one or two cups of urine, a toto toilet seat that is rated at one and a half cups of urine will work for you. If you are looking to flush an abundance of liquids, consider purchasing a toto potty that holds between seven and ten cups of urine.