The Tale of Toto

Toto (aka. Totsu) was an orphaned baby gorilla whose adoption was sought and accepted by American anthropologist, Dr. Henry Parkes. He found her in an American zoo when she was still too young to go home.


According to his story, the toto would cry continuously for days together until he was finally given to a foster family where a vet determined that she was only eleven weeks old. At that time, the toto became a name that stuck, as she was simply called Toto. The story further goes on to say that Toto would bark when approaching and that her barking scared away all animals in the surrounding area. This Toto led a rather lonely life until an opportunity presented itself for Toto to discover the beautiful world of humans.

In his account of her life, Toto is said to have taken up residence in Manhattan Beach, California. There, she was exposed to all the sights, sounds and smells of the city and even went so far as to socialize with all the local children. Eventually, Toto developed a rather friendly relationship with an Italian lady who taught her many languages. Soon, Toto fell in love with Joanna Montagna, a school teacher who took an interest in her and wanted to know more about Toto.

According to the story, Toto fell in love with Montagna and worked diligently to learn Spanish and English. Throughout this period, Toto continued to work in Montagna’s home, but slowly the relationship between the two women soured. As time went by, Toto’s story is told that Montagna decided to marry Joanna believing that Toto would provide her with children.

Toto, however, was not happy with this decision and resented being forced into marriage. The two women finally resolved their issues, but Toto never found the love of her life and returned to Manhattan Beach, California. She began to paint seaside scenes in her paintings and became famous for her realistic and abstract paintings. When she decided to create a book to share with the world, she included many of her sea creatures in it.

The Toto story is an interesting one. Although there are many accounts of her life throughout the world, there are very few accounts of her actual life. Due to the lack of information, the true story of Toto is often debated and little is known of her.