TOTO Toilets Guide

Toto is a Japanese corporation that specializes in creating toilet products of great quality. It is also renowned for its great designs and functionalities. It was established in 1917, and currently is the largest producer of bathroom washcloths. It has numerous manufacturing plants located in six countries worldwide. These plants manufacture Toto toilet washcloths and other related products.


The most commonly purchased Toto products are the heated seats and toilet paper. Heated seats are Toto’s answer to heated toilet papers. These heated seats provide enough warmth to help you dry your hands or your face after a bath or a shower. The heated seats come in various designs such as wood, metal, and other fabrics that can withstand different temperatures. However, the most common types of heated seats are made out of metal.

Toilet bowl cleaners and flushing tools make cleaning your toilet bowl easier and more convenient. You no longer have to go through the trouble of searching for the correct tool since the Toto Company has a variety of toilet bowl cleaners to choose from. The toilet bowl cleaner provides you with an affordable way to keep your toilet bowl clean. It features a patented pumping action that allows you to push down and lift the bowl cleaner. This action causes the water to go into the toilet bowl, thus removing all the soap residue and drying your hands and face.

Toto toilets offer you a wide range of comfort and functionality features. The most commonly purchased Toto accessories include the seat, the warm air dryer, the toilet brush, and the hand sanitizer. The seat is designed to improve the comfort level of the user. The seat has a slatted backrest that gives you added comfort when you sit down. The seat also adjusts to provide ergonomic support, making it perfect for people who suffer from back problems.

Another great feature of Toto toilet is their elongated armrests. With the elongated armrest, you will be able to position yourself at a comfortable height while using the toilet. The standard height of the toilet bowl is 9 inches, but the elongated armrests can increase this height by an inch or two. This feature makes using Toto toilets more comfortable for taller users.

In conclusion, Toto toilets are well known throughout the world as one of the best manufacturers of toilet accessories. They are especially popular in Europe, where they have expanded into a much market share. Many American households own one-piece toilets, which have been manufactured in the United States with the Toto brand.