Toto Rosso – The Best Indonesian Food Out There?


Toto Rosso – The Best Indonesian Food Out There?

To toto is basically a slang for “ta”, which is Japanese for “school”. But toto colloquially means “you are welcome”. In some regions, toto means “good”. It’s also commonly used to say “you are welcome” in other regions, however not in all others. The most common way to use the word to mean both welcome is to put the term in one word, then add an extra “you” to make it a nice phrase or greeting.

In Singapore, toto caelo (hard rock) is a type of deep-fried pizza. On Singaporean streets and restaurants, you will often see a long line of people waiting their turn to eat the pizza. While it is considered a delicacy in Singapore, not many locals can handle it well. And when they do manage to chew it, they tend to complain about the thickness of the crust, as well as the fact that the center of the pie is hollowed out so that people can insert their finger in it.

Because of this, Singaporeans have developed a pretty good culinary sense over time, and toto caelo is not really a big deal in Singapore. But for those who cannot resist the taste, you can find people complaining on blogs and forums about the horrible taste of the toto. If you have access to Singaporean people, you may even see them throwing stones at the toto, as a form of public humiliation. It has even been known to lead to riots in certain situations, when people are annoyed or frustrated at someone or something.

While Singaporean people do not consider toto caelo a delicacy, it is still a relatively large chunk of the world’s cuisine. And even if people in Singapore do not have much of a problem with it, for many other countries and cultures it is just absolutely not acceptable. That is why, if you are not from Singapore, you should make sure to avoid toto as much as possible. You may not be able to tell just how far it is from the original recipe, but one thing is for sure: nobody outside of Singapore takes it seriously.

If you do decide to get a toto, you can either go for a toto rosso, which is a rather mild dish, or for a more authentic version, you can go for a toto congricio, which is a dry sherry or vermouth flavored with chilies. Both versions of the dish will be rather delicious. The toto congricio will make a rather strong flavored wine, like a port or sherry, while the traditional port will definitely leave your taste buds wanting. You can also choose to go for a toto hamata, which is a thin soup made with okra that usually has onions and garlic in it. To me, though, the toto hamata is a bit less tasty than the other options.

The toto itself is a great food that is easy to make and always enjoyable to eat. I can’t say that it is the best food out there, because as I said before, not everybody out there in Singapore likes it. But then again, it is inexpensive, fast food that can satisfy anybody. Therefore, if you want to try Singaporean food that is both good tasting and affordable, then I would highly recommend you to try toto loss.